Welcome at Duschl Ingenieure,

Since 1971 we offer services in consulting, design and supervision of building services, M&E-engineering and energy technics. In our projects we focus on the needs and objectives of our costumers, and we designed our whole organization to efficiently support this approach

We overcome challenges regarding technical quality, timeline and budget with the high technical and methodical competence of our employees, and we find sustainable solutions with appropriate efforts, considering the interests of all involved parties and the terms of our mission statement.

Please use our homepage to learn about our company, our philosophy and our services offering, which is laid down here in extracts in our project references.

We value our mission statement to offer our knowledge and our principles by our monthly speakers series (“Vortragsreihe”), to which we invite not only our employees, customers and partners, but everyone who is interested. As the speakers series is held in German, please refer to our German homepage to view the program of the next quarter of the year and register for single events.