Facility management

Facility management

Facility Management-related project steering…

  • creation of comprehensive documentation guidelines
  • definition of the data exchange formats during the building process
  • consulting for construction companies concerning documentation according to FM principles
  • consulting for architects and building design parties concerning FM guidelines
  • support and consulting regarding implementation of guidelines and processes
  • consulting during building for the designers and the constructors

system-independent CAFM Consulting…

  • investigation of functional and IT / technical requirements
  • preparation of system specifications and respective tender documents
  • comparison of proposals and decision reports
  • support in creating vendor shortlist (three proposals)
  • interface during preparation for presentations
  • execution and supervision of system presentation
  • contract drafting, formation of contracts
  • supervision during rollout process

inventory list compilation…

  • definition of property configuration
  • preparation of a catalog of available spaces and technology and room inventory list
  • evaluation of existing inventory lists
  • ceation of CAD drawings

analysis of current FM / GM situation…

  • space analysis
  • analysis of the technical infrastructure
  • cost analysis
  • benchmarking
  • identification of optimization areas
  • preparation of a package of actions

preparation of a desired FM concept…
prerequisite: current FM / GM analysis

  • organization analysis
  • derivation of future business organization (operational and organizational structure)
  • formulation of organizational and personnel development strategy
  • drafting of requirements for IT equipment
  • economic studies
  • definition of rollout plan
  • business plan
  • decision reports
  • project support during rollout

economic studies for FM / GM services (internal and external)…

  • calculation of necessary services based on working stations (cost per work station)
  • investigation of usual market price for relevant services (Benchmarking)
  • investigation and calculation of potential cost-saving actions
  • support in “make or buy” decision processes

management of service and maintenance…

  • inventory analysis
  • contract analysis
  • optimization
  • supervision of implementation

 economic and ecologic optimization…

  • energy analysis
  • CO2- studies
  • economic studies

contracting of building services…

  • analysis of service sectors
  • economic studies
  • creation of request for proposal basis
  • definition of competency areas and catalog of competencies
  • preparation of request for proposal documents
  • support in evaluating offers
  • suggestion for proposal selection
  • implementation support and supervision